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All of our puppies are intentionally bred for excellent health and temperaments, and are loved, hand raised and socialized in our home with our large family. Every puppy comes with a one year health guarantee and will be examined by a licensed vet and issued a Florida Health Certificate as required by law prior to going to their new families. Puppies are given age appropriate vaccinations, dewormed at regular intervals, and will be microchipped. 

We believe that having a set protocol for training and socialization in the first critical weeks is the only way to produce the type of premium puppy that our clients desire.  By utilizing a combination of Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder curriculum, along with ENS and ESI we are able to achieve confident, happy, healthy and trainable puppies

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 What We Offer

Ruby red Cavapoo


Research shows that early neurological stimulation done within a certain time creates positive lasting effects and gives the dog a superior advantage. Dogs who have been exposed to these exercises have shown to have:

  • Improved heart rate
  • Stronger heart beats
  • Stronger adrenal glands
  • More tolerance to stress
  • Greater resistance to disease


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Advanced Puppy Curriculum

Puppy Culture & Baddass Breeder are the gold standards, scientific and research based programs designed specifically for the first crucial 12 weeks of a puppy’s life. This week by week program introduces the puppy to different objects, locations and experiences in positive ways, capitalizing on the fact that puppies haven’t developed their sense of fear yet. Therefore experiences that may be scary at an older age are approached with curiosity and learning. 

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We perform the Early Scent Introduction on our puppies because we understand how important a dog’s sense of smell is to him and his brain function. Our dogs’ noses are 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive to smells than our human noses, depending on the dog and dog breed. So what does that mean to dogs?  Dogs examine and understand the world through their noses like we see and make sense of the world with our eyes. The area in the brain that processes the data picked up by the nose is 40 times larger in dogs than humans. Simply put, a dog’s ability to smell is a function of their intellect.

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